Em & Drew's Wedding Reception

September 3rd 2016

You're invited to celebrate with us!



Andrew Newby

- The Guy -

I met Emilie for the first time outside of the Green Beanery Cafe on a warm spring day in April 2010. After our 3 hour long coffee date, I was hooked. We talked about everything, happy, thoughtful, funny, and everything in between. I moved in with her and was instantly accepted and loved by her family. Last year we moved into our own place and have grown together into who we are today. I could not be more happy to celebrate my love with the rest of my family and friends.

The ceremony will be a small, intimate affair, but the reception simply would not be a party without you there!

Emilie Hayes

- The Girl -

I remember the very first day I was going to meet Drew, I was horrifically nervous. I wondered “should I hug him or shake his hand?”. When I got to our meeting spot, outside the Green Beanery Cafe, he was waiting there already, and when he saw me he grinned and embraced me with open arms. After three hours of talking about everything and nothing at the same time, I knew I had a future with Drew. So here we are, six years later, and I cannot wait for us to embrace with open arms yet again the next step in our life together!

The Details



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Join The Celebration!

September 3 2016

Arrive at 2pm!

The Farm
2279 Transit Road

Kent, New York, 14477

Cant stand the heat? There is a pool!

Looking for adventure? Unguided nature walks!

Feeling athletic? Jump into a volleyball game!

Peace and quiet? Laze on the grass!

Stargazer? No light pollution!

Smores? Bonfire after dark!

...And much more!!

Stay The Night!

Semptember 3rd through 4th 2016
Parking & camping accomodations are available on site (Please note: The nearest hotel is 20 miles or 45 kilometers away!)
Drinking and driving is NOT an option!
If camping isn't your "thing" RV Rentals available HERE
Please remember it is a long weekend and to book early!
Canadians should book out of Lewiston, New York, which is where you cross the border.
Americans feel free to rent from wherever is convenient for you!
No electrical hookup available, so bring alternate power sources! (i.e flashlights or solar powered lighting.)

Continental breakfast will be provided between 8am and 10am to help get you on your way!

Are You Attending?




Please RSVP by August 1st 2016!
We hope you can join us for the amazing farm reception!




Thank you for taking the time to read this far! We want you to know that you joining us in celebration is the best gift we could ask for!

If you were thinking of giving us anything else, please understand that physical gifts can be difficult to transport across the border. They often cause issues and/or incur monetary charges, such as duty and taxes.

Don't Miss The Fun!

See You There!


Emilie & Drew



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